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Marble Runs Toy Set - 105 PCS

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Build your own marble mazes with AMOSTING blocks!

Looking for a construction toy for your kids??

The?Marble runs toys?is one of the best toys to let children develop ample of skills.
Besides being just plain fun, marble runs can teach your future engineer or scientist ?a lot about design and physics.

The?AMOSTING?Super Set comes with 105 ?pieces to allow your kids to get a really good look at how the whole thing works. It's got very sturdy and durable support bases that are keep the whole structure standing tall and not wobbly on its feet.?


AMOSTING is designed specifically to introduce the art of marble running to children. The expandability is also amazing at it gives you the latitude to create more opportunities for your child to really work his or her creativity.

The marble construction set is great fun for 3 ages up. The colorful red, yellow and blue plastic pieces easily snap together into almost any combination, so any youngster can be an engineer. Each toy building set includes nine chutes, nine curves, 24 tubes, six bases, a snake pass, a rotary drop, a paddle wheel, roundabout and eight marbles.?

Your kids will be fascinated by the AMOSTING Marble Run Deluxe!

Double their fun with AMOSTING Toys Marble Run. Kids can build a colorful, towering skyscraper composed of chutes, tubes and more, then watch in amazement as a marble winds its way through the course, overcoming almost every obstacle in its path.?

Build tracks that twist and turn with colorful pieces that simply slide together. Then send marbles speeding through chutes, merry-go-rounds, windmills, S-curves, a U-turn slide and centrifugal funnel.?

Educational Focus: Basic understanding of physics, 3-dimensional thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

An action packed marble track set loaded with extra marbles and plenty of fun.?

Fun times with the geeklings at home or at the office while you're listening to a boring webinar.

Creating an endless range of possibilities.

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