0-2 Aged Baby Velvet High Help Shoes

$31.99 $50.98

0-2 Aged Baby Velvet High Help Shoes

$31.99 $50.98
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  • SKU: WJ00617_B_4(12CM)_tag-15
  • Brand: pawlulu
  • Type: Shoes
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  • The 'Lounger' is the perfect fit for the beach-going little one.? Don't let the name fool you, though.? While it's perfectly designed for a relaxing day in the sand, this sandal is very capable of keeping up during a day at the playground!

    The measurements are below. Due to this shoe being available from baby to toddler, the sizing number is not equivalent to what you normally have; please review the measurements and order accordingly.?

    Size 4=Eur size 17 -Insole Length 13.5cm

    Size 5=Eur size 18 -Insole Length 14.0cm

    Size 6=Eur size 19 -Insole Length 14.5cm

    Size 7=Eur size 20 -Insole Length 15.0cm

    Size 8=Eur size 21 -Insole Length 15.5cm

    Size 9=Eur size 22 -Insole Length 16.0cm

    Size 11=Eur size 24 -Insole Length 17.0cm

    Size 12=Eur size 25 -Insole Length 17.5cm

    Size 13=Eur size 26 -Insole length 18.0cm

    Size 14=Eur size 27 -Insole length 18.5cm

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