Baby Hand & Foot Print Disposable Wash Pad

$12.99 $24.99

Baby Hand & Foot Print Disposable Wash Pad

$12.99 $24.99
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  • SKU: WJ00841_B_12.5*8¡ꡧcm¡ê?
  • Brand: pawlulu
  • Type: Accoriess
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Capture your baby's little hands and feet with?Baby Handprint Footprint Inkpad Watermark!

Treasure the memories forever! A great reminder to look back and see their tiny hand and footprints.


  • 100% baby safe & mess-free.
  • Smart inkless touch design guarantees, no direct contact between the baby`s skin and the ink.
  • User-friendly. Just one press and can capture and reveal the greatest details of your baby`s hand and feet easily.
  • Strong ink absorbency with no smear.
  • Create a lasting memory of your baby`s tiny print as keepsakes.
  • Perfect for a baby gift, baby shower or baby registry.


  • Within the frame size: 9.5*5.7cm, overall size: 12.5*8cm
  • Material: Stamp-pad ink
  • Attention: No Frame
Package Included:
1 printing oil + 2 sheets of paper
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