Water Duck Toy

$16.99 $28.99

Water Duck Toy

$16.99 $28.99
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  • SKU: SD00010
  • Brand: Pawlulu
  • Type: Toys
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? ? ? ? ? ?This bath toy bring developmental toys and sensory development into the bathtub and make bath time fun!Let your kids play the toy while bathing, and learn physics knowledge.


  • Made of environmentally friendly ABS material
  • Smooth surface, rounded, with no sharp corners and raw edges, protects your kid¡¯s young skin
  • Cute shape attracts the kid¡¯s attention and makes them happy.
  • The shower spray is moderate, it will not hurt the children
  • Your kids can feel the magical power of nature¡¯s buoyancy when the duck shower toy floats on the water
  • Promote parent-child relationship and create a happy family atmosphere for the kid¡¯s growth.
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